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Organize your own Angel painting party with Geof! 

This class is for all levels or artists and is more focused on the spiritual meaning of colors and creating spiritual symbology in your painting. You may paint an angel that represents your soul path, karma, and healing you are seeking in this lifetime OR an angel that represents a loved one in spirit.


Geof will provide mini-lectures on the human energy field, karma, chakras and the archetypes and the use of symbols and signs to help you create the perfect angel. The spiritual colors of the background, angels, and items in the painting, the direction the angel faces, and the item the angel holds will all complement the theme of your soul agreement or your connection to a loved one in spirit.


This workshop is designed to help you utilize angel oracle cards and colored ribbons to psychically and intuitively provide insights from the angels, your spirit and guides.


You will learn and explore several various card and ribbon distributions to provide spiritual messages for yourself, or others, on life path and soul agreements, soul messages, karma, career path, relationships, your energy body and much more.

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$45 Introductory Special

The angels have encouraged me to offer a new reading using my Blessed By Angels Oracle Cards. With the use of angelic numbers like 7 and 11, and double digits, I will be inspired to select certain cards within the deck. Also, your intuition will be used to select specific cards.


Through the guidance of the angels and both our intuitions,  I can provide spiritual insights such as:

Soul Message


Total Energy Body Insights

Chakra Perceptions


Life Path or Soul Agreement

Career Path


You will also use your intuition and ask questions that you feel are obstacles or opportunities to your spiritual growth and progression.

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